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Should you feel interested in getting into this type of business, here are some of the things to consider: Calculate how much your capital should be. Without them, your business will not be legitimate. Make sure that your business will be competitive enough. You can also choose to divert the calls to your residential phone after working hours. Whatever your choice will be, you have to make sure that your place can easily be accessed by your applicants. Some business owners chose their homes to become their business base. Job orders should be continuous; lest, you won't have anything to offer to your applicants.If you are on the lookout for a new business to establish in Hong Kong, why not consider putting up an employment agency, particularly a domestic helper agency. Secure all the necessary permits. The more job orders there are means more business, and more business means more income and more help High speed presser foot drive Company you can give to those people who need jobs. The potential of a business like this is big especially now that the demand for housemaids in HK is high. Check on their rates as well to give yourself some ideas on how you should charge. You can obtain them fast enough if you have some good marketing strategies which are ready to be applied. This is to save both time and money on their part. Decide where your office site will be. Apply for the required documents. Apply for a dedicated phone line. Would you rent a space or is it your preference to situate it in your home. Keep it open for your clients and applicants.. Therefore, make sure that everything will fit into your budget. As much as possible, this phone should only be used for business purposes. Every investment involves money. You can create print ads or announce your business through various directories and classified ads online and offline. Know which essential papers you need to process to be able to operate soon. Try to find out how things are with your business competitors. Now, here are two of the best parts --- marketing your services and getting job orders. Hiring an answering service is also a good idea or you can simply install a voice mail or an answering machine to resolve this. You will need to buy some pieces of equipment and office materials. You can hire skilled marketers or establish a reward system which will entitle anyone who can bring in new clients to a commission. There might also be a need to hire your office staff

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